Ren Ming, 09 QuakeRen Ming,  from Mysterious World SeriesRen Ming, "Oh My Goodness"Ren Ming, Sunset on Mfrom 08 Art SeriesRen Ming, Golden MemoryRen Ming, from 08 Art SeriesRen Ming, works on silk scrollRen Ming "Untitled"Ren Ming "Blue Desert - 3"Ren Ming "Silk Road - 5"
Ren Ming
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LIMN gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of San Francisco artist Ren Ming’s newest work. Born in China and educated under the full impact of the Cultural Revolution, Ren Ming’s artistic interests were not encouraged, but neither were they ignored. His talent was quickly recognized and on graduation, he was able to travel abroad. Though his formal training from Soviet inspired instruction fully embraced Social Realism, his travels to the West inspired a ferocious pursuit of contemporary art forms.

Ren Ming’s landscapes defy traditions of Chinese art. Using mixed mediums - ink and pigments - he explores the realms of visual language. His work hovers between a traditional Zen art form and Western art of the twentieth Century. His art is a constant conversation between image and form, brushwork and calligraphy. By rejecting particular academic styles, Ming Ren is free to contemplate the literal interpretation of nature and abstraction with its internal emotive interpretations. “ Ming Ren’s paintings infer landscapes; they are most often secured onto scrolls in Chinese traditional fashion. As they are rolled open, the very sequence of their revelation creates a sense of expectation as with Chinese landscape paintings of old. They are imposingly large open compositions, and impressive in their scale-less format. No details that could give the viewer a sense of distance or place are evident. These paintings simply imply vast mountains and alleys, rivers and pools.” Roger Mandle, president, Rhode Island School of Design, 2006

This is Ren Ming’s first solo exhibition with LIMN gallery, although he participated in the gallery’s first group exhibition of contemporary Chinese art in 1998. His work since has been exhibited extensively in the US, Europe and China.