"The Peach Colony" seriesGreece 4Greece 2Greece 3Greece 1Yang Yongliang, "Viridescence, Stock World"Yang Yongliang, "Phantom Lanscape III - Lost City"Yang Yongliang, "Heavenly City Series - Untitled #5"Yang Yongliang, "Heavenly City Series - Untitled #2"Yang Yongliang, "Untitled 3"Yang Yongliang, "Floating Bus"Yang Yongliang "On the quiet Water, Sunken Ship"Yang Yongliang "Ruins in the Water"Yong Yongliang Heavenly City , #1
Yang Yongliang
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Yang Yongliang is a young artist from Shanghai who studied traditional Chinese art such as shui mo painting and calligraphy from his early age. His teacher was Yang Yang who is the professor of traditional art at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Yang Yongliang cleverly recreated "Cun", the main representation of Chinese Shanshui paintings by using a camera, the contemporary visual device, to express his creativity for the subjects he is concerned with. He combined the traditional Chinese paintings with the modern Shanghai city life and the details reveal current urban culture. The scenes of construction sites, large cranes, traffic signs and fly-overs those all Shanghai citizens are familiar with and all have become critical elements in his artworks. These common objects can be found everywhere in Shanghai, Yang Yongliang has arranged them to fit into the traditional Chinese Paintings' composition. When watching the photographic works at a distance, they are dreamlike Shanshui paintings. On the contrary when looking at them closely, they become shockingly modern city views. He perfectly handles the contradictions between ephemeral and solid, vigor and gentle, sparse and bold, beauty and ugly so as to make the entire picture poetically harmonious, but the details are 'blots on the landscape'. He successfully achieves a perfect balance between fragility and danger, beauty and cruelty. He brings the viewers not only visual enjoyment, but also the contemplation and self-examination of the various social and cultural concerns.


1980 Born in Jiading, Shanghai,

1999 China Fine Art Academy Institute, Visual Communication department
2004 Set up his own studio with friends, took role of Art Director in the studio. During
the time, many experimental short films and artworks had been nominated and
prized. Many of his articles were published in various magazines in the field.
His book “Grand Church” was published as a teaching material.
2005 Started experiment and creation of contemporary art, such as modern ink
painting, photography and video art etc.


2008 LIMN gallery, introduction during Aqua art Miami, Miami, FL
MoCA, Artificial Nature, Shanghai
Two Points:2008 Chinese Contemporary Art, Palazz Frisacco,
Tolmezzo, Italy
Stairway to Heaven: From Chinese Streets to Monument and Skyscraper,
Bates College Museum of Art, Maine US

2007 Phantom Landscape Series 2&3, OFOTO gallery Shanghai
Art Now 2007, Danwon Arts Festival-Contemporary Art Festival, Gyeonggido
Museum of Modern art Ansan , Korea
China Pingyao International Photography Festival 2007, Pingyao
“Celebrating” at EPSITE Shanghai, Epson Imaging Gallery, Shanghai & Beijing
2006 “Phantom Landscape Series I”, OFOTO gallery, Shanghai

The British Museum, London, England
Bates College Museum of Art, Maine, US